Lucille Desiree Ball , 14th cousin 7x removed

Lucille Desiree Ball is my 14th cousin 7x removed. The ancestor who connects us together as relatives is, Joan Plantagenet Beaufort , Countess (1379 – 1440), 13th great grandmother.

Lucille Désirée Ball (August 6, 1911 – April 26, 1989) was an American actress, comedian, model, entertainment studio executive and producer. She was the star of the self-produced sitcoms I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, Here’s Lucy, and Life with Lucy, as well as comedy television specials aired under the title The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour.

My genealogical chart shows the ancestor who connects us as relatives:

14th cousin 7x removed

Henry Durell Ball (1887 – 1915) Father of Lucille Desiree Ball ACTRESS, PRODUCER, DIRECTOR & DEVELOPER, MOVIE STAR

Nellie Rebecca Durell (1856 – 1935)
Mother of Henry Durell Ball

George Osborn Osborne Durell (1830 – 1922)
Father of Nellie Rebecca Durell

Sally Bennet Bennett Osborne (1801 – 1887)
Mother of George Osborn Osborne Durell

Mary Frost
Mother of Sally Bennet Bennett Osborne

George Frost
Father of Mary Frost

John Frost
Father of George Frost

John Frost
Father of John Frost

Mary Bolles
Mother of John Frost

Joseph Bolles
Father of Mary Bolles

Thomas Bolles
Father of Joseph Bolles

Ann Goodrick Mother of Thomas Bolles

Lionel Goodrick
Father of Ann Goodrick

Ann Dymoke
Mother of Lionel Goodrick

Margaret de Welles
Mother of Ann Dymoke

Sir Lionel de Welles
Father of Margaret de Welles

Maude de Greystoke
Mother of Sir Lionel de Welles

Ralph de Greystoke
Father of Maude de Greystoke

Wiliam de Greystoke
Father of Ralph de Greystoke

Ralph de Greystoke (1408 – 1487)
Father of Wiliam de Greystoke

Elizabeth de Ferrers (1395 – 1434)
Mother of Ralph de Greystoke

Joan Plantagenet Beaufort , Countess (1379 – 1440)
Mother of Elizabeth de Ferrers

Reference Remember Lucille Ball’s Has A Grown Up Granddaughter Who ….

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