Cold offices may have a chilling impact on women

Office temperatures derive from the metabolic rates of men, which is why many women say they should bring sweaters and scarves to the office to help keep warm inside. Now, new research finds that those ice-cold office temperatures could have a tremendously real and extremely chilling impact on women: lower productivity and cognitive performance.

The battle associated with the thermostat when women advocate for warmer temperatures while men say they genuinely are chill with ice-cold air conditioning throughout and office to develop a real-world experiment testing and examining the impact of room temperatures on real-world tasks.

Their new findings that women’s productivity and skills suffer under colder temperatures may prompt managers to fiddle using their office thermostats. Most likely, many offices set their thermostats to around 70 degrees Fahrenheit according to a 1960s formula tied to men’s higher metabolic rates. Since that time, women have flooded into the workplace, prompting some to inquire of why men’s comfort is given precedence over theirs.

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