Bill de Blasio, 14th cousin 2x removed

Bill de Blasio is my 14th cousin 2x removed. The ancestor who connects us as relative is, Ralph de Neville Sir, of Raby Earl and of Westmorland (1364 – 1425), my 13th grandfather.

Bill de Blasio was born on May 8, 1961 in Manhattan’s Doctors Hospital in New York City. He is the third son of Maria Angela (née de Blasio; 1917–2007) and Warren Wilhelm (1917–1979). De Blasio has two brothers, Steven and Donald, thirteen and eight years his senior, respectively. His mother was of Italian heritage, and his father was of German, English, French, and Scots-Irish ancestry. His paternal grandparents were Donald Wilhelm, of Ohio, and Nina (Warren), who was born in Iowa. His maternal grandfather, Giovanni, was from the city of Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Benevento, and his grandmother, Anna (née Briganti), was from Grassano, Matera. His paternal uncle, Donald George Wilhelm Jr., worked for the Central Intelligence Agency in Iran and secretly wrote Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s memoir.

My genealogical chart shows the ancestor who connect Bill de Blasio and as relatives:

Warren”Bill DE BLASIO” Wilhelm (1961 – )
14th cousin 2x removed

Warren K. Wilhelm (1917 – 1979)
Father of Warren”Bill DE BLASIO” Wilhelm

Nina May Warren (1888 – )
Mother of Warren K. Wilhelm

Solomon Sangston Warren (1847 – 1939)
Father of Nina May Warren

William H. Warren (1809 – 1876)
Father of Solomon Sangston Warren

Tilghman Warren (1777 – 1853)
Father of William H. Warren

Mary Tilghman (1751 – 1825)
Mother of Tilghman Warren

Joseph Tilghman (1700 – 1767)
Father of Mary Tilghman

Gideon Tilghman (1652 – 1720)
Father of Joseph Tilghman

Christopher Tilghman (1592 – 1673)
Father of Gideon Tilghman

Anna Sanders (1570 – 1619)
Mother of Christopher Tilghman

Edward Sanders (1546 – )
Father of Anna Sanders

Anna Whetenhall (1520 – )
Mother of Edward Sanders

Alice Berkeley (1490 – 1573)
Mother of Anna Whetenhall

Elizabeth Neville (1470 – 1510)
Mother of Alice Berkeley

George de Neville, Baron (1440 – 1492)
Father of Elizabeth Neville

Edward George de Neville, Baron ( – 1469)
Father of George de Neville, Baron

Ralph de Neville Sir, van Raby Earl van Westmorland (1364 – 1425)

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