Alert! Generic Drugs may not be as effective as you think

While the price of prescription medication soars, individuals are increasingly taking generic drugs: low-cost solutions to brand-name medications. Frequently medical health insurance plans require patients to change to generics as an easy way of controlling costs. Though, almost all of the generic medications being sold into the U.S. are produced offshore, mainly in India and China. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration claims, so it holds foreign plants into the same criteria as U.S. drug manufacturers. The FDA frequently declares its offshore inspections weeks in advance, which allows plants where generic drugs have produced the opportunity to fabricate data and outcomes.

Generic drugs sometimes head to the market in the U.S. without the right vetting. The FDA is overloaded and under-resourced with its efforts so that the safety of offshore drug manufacturing.

Consumers have to research who manufactures their generics and appear up any conditions that regulators have discovered out about them. However, some consumers could find they are not allowed by their health plan to change to alternatives, because of cost.

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