Napoléon (Napoleon) BONAPARTE I, 29th cousin 2x removed

Napoleon Bonaparte I is my 29th cousin 2 x removed. The ancestor who connects us is, Pepin ler d’Italie (773 – 810), Son of Charlemagne des Francs, my 29th great grandfather.

Napoléon Bonaparte was born on 15 August 1769 and died on 5 May 1821. He had been a French statesman and military leader of Italian descent who rose to prominence throughout the French Revolution and led several successful campaigns throughout the French Revolutionary Wars. He was Emperor of the French as Napoleon I from 1804 until 1814 and again briefly in 1815 during the Hundred Days. Napoleon dominated European and global affairs for over ten years while leading France against a few coalitions when looking at the Napoleonic Wars. He won these types of wars, therefore, the vast majority of his battles, building a vast empire that ruled over much of continental Europe before its final collapse in 1815. He could be considered one of the greatest commanders ever sold, and his wars and campaigns are studied at military schools worldwide. Napoleon’s political and cultural legacy has endured among the most celebrated and controversial leaders in human history.

My genealogical chart shows that ancestor Napoleon Bonaparte I and I share:

Napoléon (Napoleon) BONAPARTE I (1769 – 1821)
29th cousin 2x removed

Carlo Mario Bonaparte (1746 – 1785)
Father of Napoléon (Napoleon) BONAPARTE I

Giuseppe Maria Buonaparte (1713 – 1763)
Father of Carlo Mario Bonaparte

Sebastiano Nicolo Buonaparte (1683 – 1720)
Father of Giuseppe Maria Buonaparte

Giuseppe Maria Buonaparte (1663 – 1703)
Father of Sebastiano Nicolo Buonaparte

Carlo (Charles) Maria Bonaparte (1637 – 1692)
Father of Giuseppe Maria Buonaparte

Sebastiano Buonaparte (1603 – 1642)
Father of Carlo (Charles) Maria Bonaparte

Francesco von Buonaparte (Bonaparte) (1577 – 1633)
Father of Sebastiano Buonaparte

Geronimo (Jérôme) Buonaparte (1520 – 1594)
Father of Francesco von Buonaparte (Bonaparte)

Gabriele Buonaparte (1485 – 1589)
Father of Geronimo (Jérôme) Buonaparte

François (Buonaparte)BONAPARTE (1450 – )
Father of Gabriele Buonaparte

Giovanni (Buonaparte)BONAPARTE †1501
Father of François (Buonaparte)BONAPARTE

Mother of Giovanni (Buonaparte)BONAPARTE †1501

Nicolas MALASPINA †1416
Father of Apollonia MALASPINA

Father of Nicolas MALASPINA †1416

Gabriele MALASPINA†1289
Father of Isnardo MALASPINA

Cubitosa d’ESTE
Mother of Gabriele MALASPINA†1289

Azzo d’ESTE VII (1205 – 1264)
Father of Cubitosa d’ESTE

Azzo d’ESTE VI (1170 – 1212)
Father of Azzo d’ESTE VII

Azzo d’ESTE†1193 V
Father of Azzo d’ESTE VI

Obizzod d’ESTE †1195 I
Father of Azzo d’ESTE†1193 V

Foulques d’ESTE †1128
Father of Obizzod d’ESTE †1195 I

Azzo d’ESTE †1128 , II (997 – 1097)
Father of Foulques d’ESTE †1128

Azzo d’ESTE I (975 – 1029)
Father of Azzo d’ESTE †1128 , II

Otberto d’ESTE ,II (950 – 1021)
Father of Azzo d’ESTE I

Otberto d’ESTE I, Comte d’Este (910 – 975)
Father of Otberto d’ESTE ,II

Gisèle de FRIOUL (883 – 910)
Mother of Otberto d’ESTE I, Comte d’Este

Bérenger de FRIOUL I, (843 – 924)
Father of Gisèle de FRIOUL

Gisèle de FRANCE (820 – 874)
Mother of Bérenger de FRIOUL I,

Louis Dit le le Pieux de FRANCE I (778 – 840)
Father of Gisèle de FRANCE

Charlemagne des Francs (747 – 814)
Father of Louis Dit le le Pieux de FRANCE I

Pepin ler d’Italie (773 – 810)
Son of Charlemagne des Francs

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