Marijuana users less likely to be overweight, obese


shallow focus photography of cannabis plant
Photo by Michael Fischer on

Brand-new investigation discovers that, regardless of the wide-spread sensation of experiencing “the munchies” immediately after using pot, cannabis users are inclined to ponder much less and they are not as likely to become heavy.

New study discovers an amazing connection concerning pot use and reduce excess fat.

Latest studies calculate the fact that more than 22 million citizens in the United States age range 11 and above on a regular basis work with cannabis and that a growing number of men and women and elderly people are taking up one of the behavior.

The majority of the adults who have ingest marijuana on a regular basis do this for leisurely reasons. Nearly 90 percent of United. S. adult cannabis owners declare they use it recreationally, while only the remaining 10 % use it for therapeutic reasons.

Among the physiological effects of pot is an increased hunger, or what is actually commonly known as getting the hunger pains.

Even though it might appear user-friendly that an raised hunger could result in putting on weight, recent well known epidemiological research declare that marijuana users are much less likely to be heavy.

So , some group of experts via Michigan State University (MSU), in East Lansing, attempt to research this subject additionally, examining whether individuals that on a regular basis ingest marijuana are more inclined to put on weight.

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