Why did Right-Wing Preacher Says Pete Buttigieg Faces “Eternal Damnation”?

statue of liberty
Photo by Matthis Villars on Pexels.com

Franklin Graham, the preacher who also led a prayer for Donald Trump’s inauguration, insinuated in a Facebook post that gay, South Bend, Indiana mayor and Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg encounters “eternal damnation. ”

“Presidential candidate and South Flex Mayor Pete Buttigieg is right-God doesn’t have a political party, ” Graham wrote. “But God does have commandments, laws, and standards He gives us to live by. God is The almighty. He doesn’t change. His Word is the same yesterday evening, today, and forever. ” Graham went on to state the Bible defines homosexuality while a good sin. Mayor Buttigieg also said that to him, ‘the core of faith is regard for one another.

Right-wing Preacher

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