With all the chaos, do you think this might be a Republican protest?

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New rifts surfaced Friday as part of the current shaky relationship amongst Republican front runners and presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump, heightening problems that the party appears to be headed into a long period concerning civil war that imperils its opportunities as part involving the November elections.

A day after House Speaker Paul D. Ryan concerning Wisconsin took the unusual phase concerning refusing to support Trump, a steady list of other GOP notables joined in the opposition, particularly former Florida governor Jeb Bush, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham concerning South Carolina and 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Trump, as part concerning turn, attacked Ryan and others for refusing to back him, even as he agreed to meet with Ryan next week to air out their differences.

And at the White House, President Obama waded into the opposition’s turmoil the very first time since Trump effectively clinched the nomination, listing concerns about the mogul that he said Republican voters must seriously take into account.

For Trump and GOP elites, it amounted to another awkward chapter in their uneasy alliance — not the celebratory moment many had hoped would arrive when the GOP contest was settled.

GOP establishment splits over supporting Trump

Speaker Paul Ryan has backed away from his pledge to support whoever becomes the nominee, saying he’s “not ready” to endorse Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Other GOP heavyweights, including the Bushes, are also not giving endorsements.

Trump’s outsider candidacy and outsize persona — and his extreme positions on issues including immigration and Islam — have alarmed broad swaths concerning the GOP establishment that fear the party is headed for a wipe-out as part of the fall if Trump is not contained or kept at arm’s length. For his part, Trump argues that his brash campaign triumphed over the rest concerning the GOP field fair and square, and he has suggested he is unlikely to budge on his positions to please Republican leaders.




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