Will the prominent Republicans support Trump in the general election?

Trying to make sense of the election.

The Dantzler Report!

Featured Image -- 1043In response: I know that Trump is winning, but I have many questions.How much does he know about the global affairs? What is his experience in politics?  What is his plan, he keeps on saying “Let’s make America Great, again” and how will he achieve this? I noticed he makes all these promises. What happens when he does not keep his promise and the country finds out that the emperor does not have no cloths on? I disagree with his politics, but I agree that all have the right to run for the highest office in the country. Politics is not a joke, it not a fashion show, it is the lives of millions of people. I want someone who will represent all people and not just a few angry people.Stirring anger only makes the country look like we are a country of thugs in the media, not a country…

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