Do You Believe That There Is Enough Done to Prevent Islamophobia?


Muslims around the States are experiencing unprecedented growth in hate crimes and bias incidents. However, community leaders say, amid a rise in anti-Islamic rhetoric by politicians following deadly attacks by extremists in Paris and California.

There were two women verbally assaulted on a restaurant in Texas. There was an arson striking a Somali restaurant in North Dakota; threatening phone calls and letters sent to a mosque in New Jersey. Therefore, having the beating associated with a Muslim shopkeeper in New York City are just a couple of the large number of reported hate crimes and bias incidents which have taken place the past few weeks, as per a tally maintained by USA Today.

Hate Crime

Hate crimes and bias incidents are motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s prejudice toward race, religion, ethnic group, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. While hate crimes also entail traditional criminal offenses, namely murder or arson, bias incidents involve behavior that may not rise to the degree of a crime, for instance, harassment.

Islamophobia is certainly not, however, an unusual and growing American phenomenon. German Muslims are afraid of the rise of Patriotische Europäer Gegen in Islamisierung des Abendlandes (Patriotic Europeans From the Islamicization of one’s West), or PEGIDA, which is certainly active elsewhere too. In France, Islamophobic fears revived when two gunmen associated with Al-Qaeda attacked Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine, in January, that killed 12 people, and increased when recent attacks. Elsewhere in Europe, anti-immigrant sentiments are sometimes coded for anti-Muslim.


Muslims fear the increase in already rising Islamophobia after California shooting.
Attacks have increased since Paris massacre. Moreover, Muslim advocates say, politicians, news media stoke tensions. Leaders in American Muslim communities say the rise in hate crimes and bias incidents began after Nov. 13 when gunmen owned by the Islamic State in Iraq as well as having the Levant (ISIL) opened fire in Paris, that killed 130 people. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim advocacy group, said reports of hate crimes and bias incidents are at an all-time high. “We quite literally haven’t had the opportunity to breathe,” said CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper.

Commentators views

“I do not possess a figure for some attacks, but it is unprecedented. As well as havingIslam4 the other thing that’s unprecedented will be the anti-Muslim bigotry has moved to everyday consumers,” Hooper indicated, “In the previous attacks, like after 9-11, Islamophobia was on the fringes of society.”
Do not worry the sentiment is a bit more mainstream with young politicians and famous pundits making statements about Islam that are so inflammatory many American Muslims feel unsafe, or possibly worrying about safety.
Republican presidential Donald Trump on Monday drew the ire of civil liberties groups and fellow parts of the Republican party after proposing that the U.S. should temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the United States.
“Until we have the opportunity to determine and comprehend the issue plus the dangerous threat it poses, our country could not be the victims of horrendous attacks by those who speaks of jihad, and have no sense of reasoning or honor for man’s life,” Trump said in a statement. Lt. Adeel Rana, a Pakistani-American NY Police Department (NYPD) officer and spokesman for your department’s Muslim Officers Society, said he was appalled that such a prominent American figure, especially one running for president, could say such defamatory reasons for the entire religious group. If he acquired the prospect to talk with Trump, Rana said he’d tell the space mogul: “Read up on the Constitution, and put a stop this hatred. Regardless of who it is, Muslims or any other immigrant community, enough is enough. Behave like a leader and know that America is built on immigration and different people.” As a result of practicing this the surge in hate crimes and bias incidents, many Muslim communities asked for an increased police patrols around their mosques and in their communities — as was reality whenever severed pig’s head was discovered on the doorstep of causing Philadelphia mosque on Sunday. Muslims take into consideration the animal unclean and refrain from eating pork.
However, not all American-Muslims feel comfortable with greater police presence.
“There’s quite much mistrust” between Muslim communities and local police, Linda Sarsour, executive director of one’s Arab American Association of New York, stated Al Jazeera. Sarsour serves as a longtime campaigner against NYPD profiling of Muslims because of the religion.
islamophobia1Muslims have an excuse to be scared of both anti-Muslim attackers and overbearing police forces whose surveillance of mosques generates mistrust, Sarsour said. Since at least 2002, the NYPD has begun “suspicionless surveillance of Muslims in The big apple and beyond,” as stated by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). “It is chilling free speech in our community,” Sarsour said of one’s surveillance. “People do not trust the individuals in our community. We do not know that is an informant, who is not an informant.”
“The way that other communities view law enforcement and feel safe, we say wow they [the police] look into us and think we are the suspects and, of course, the criminals,” Sarsour said. “What law enforcement officials need do will be to treat us like they would treat communities in suburban America. We must be dealt with in comparison.”

Muslim Community

CAIR’s Hooper believes that one way to heighten trust in police officers more brilliant protect American-Muslims from hate crimes and bias incidents originates from increasing the total number of Muslims on police forces.Rana agrees, citing his group’s outreach efforts into the city’s diverse Muslim community. “Especially the Muslim communities with different nationalities, we’ve been educating them about their rights,” Rana said. Some newcomers might not know that harassment over religion serves as a crime that must be reported towards the police, he added.

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