Why are Trump stoking ‘birther’ conspiracy theory about Kamala Harris?

resident Donald Trump claims he has “overheard” Democratic candidate Kamala Harris “does not meet the requirements” to serve as US vice-president, enlarging a fringe legal theory pundits decry as racist.

Is it true, that Putin says relationship with U.S. ‘getting worse by the hour’?

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated Thursday that U.S.-Russia relations are “getting worse and even worse,” criticizing U.S. sanctions and praising their country’s trade relationship with Asia. “Unfortunately, we cannot state anything of the type about our relations using the U.S.,” he told state news outlet Mir TV. “They are deteriorating, getting worse per hour.” PutinContinue reading “Is it true, that Putin says relationship with U.S. ‘getting worse by the hour’?”

Donald Trump is scared of Joe Biden

Prior to Wednesday morning hours, President Donald Trump had retweeted FIFTY EIGHT remarks mainly coming from accounts proclaiming to be firefighters — or close relatives of firefighters — adoring him and assaulting the International Association of Fire Fighters and their most recently supported applicant pertaining to president Joe Biden. The barrage of retweets — andContinue reading “Donald Trump is scared of Joe Biden”