Buddhist Meditation

Remember those Chinese style movies that feature monks from their heads shaved off? Well, those folks practice Buddhism, which is undoubtedly a spiritual movement invented to make the person choose the facts of life. In the center with this is meditation, which happens to be the way of making this possible. Photo by Pixabay on... Continue Reading →

What does Buddhism say about karma?

In Buddhism, karma comes from Sanskrit: "action, work") drives saṃsāra – the infinite pattern of agony and rebirth for every being. Good, skilfull deeds (Pāli: kusala) and evil, unskilful deeds (Pāli: akusala) produce "seeds" in the unconscious receptacle (ālaya) that mature later either in this life or perhaps in a subsequent rebirth. The presence of... Continue Reading →

Zen meditation helps to cope with depression and anxiety

Zen meditation is a ancient Buddhist tradition that dates back to your Tang Dynasty in 7th century People's Republic of China. From the Chinese root it extended to Korea, Japan as well as other Asian countries where it continues to thrive. The Japanese expression “Zen” is actually a derivative of the Chinese term Ch’an, itself... Continue Reading →

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