Are we planning for the next wave of Covid?

As we suffer through yet another Covid-19 variant surge, I wonder why we are still merely saving the drowning people instead of also looking upstream. Doctors and researchers have created great tools to help drown Americans — those who’ve already been infected by SARS-CoV-2. But even if we’re heading toward an endemic world, we’re still thinking small when we should be thinking big. The time to plan is now. It was a brand-new virus.

Covid is among the leading causes of death for all age groups in the U.S. The virus is still mutating, and there is no guarantee that future variants will. You can’t just catch omicron and ‘get it over with’ Covid doesn’t work that way. This is what many of us have been calling for since the early days of the pandemic: to practice public health at its best. Yes, we need people to be vaccinated, period and the Biden administration has done an incredible job of saving lives by making this first step happen. But more is needed.


How to fight the following new Covid variant after omicron? Plan for it now.

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