Individuals tested positive for Covid-19

According to Dutch authorities, 61 individuals who landed in Amsterdam on two planes from South Africa tested positive for Covid-19. Individuals being tested on different flights from South Africa.

The Dutch authorities are doing more testing to see if there are any instances of Omicron, which was declared a variety of concern by the WHO on Friday.

On 24 November, the variation was initially reported to the World Health Organization in South Africa.

By that time, the Dutch authorities had already imposed travel restrictions from the area due to the new variety and arranged for travellers to be tested and quarantined.

The Dutch health authorities said on Saturday that 61 passengers on the planes had tested positive.

The positive test findings will be analyzed immediately to ascertain if they pertain to the new concerning variety, which has been dubbed the Omicron variant, the company stated in a statement.

Anyone who tested positive would be required to stay at a hotel for seven days if they exhibited symptoms and five days if they did not, the statement continued.

According to reports, some passengers have not received formal confirmation of a negative test and hence are unable to board subsequent flights.


Covid: Dozens test positive on SA-Netherlands flights.

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