The worst-hit states in the US due to a Delta variant-driven surge

Florida has become one of the worst-hit states in the US due to a Delta variant-driven surge, with new cases recently surpassing their winter peak.

Following President Biden’s announcement earlier this week, the Education Department would consider taking legal action to discourage states from prohibiting universal masking in classrooms.

On Saturday, Daniel Andrews, the premier of Victoria, announced that the state’s lockdown, which has been in effect since early August, would be expanded to cover all of the conditions after 17 new cases of Ebola were discovered in the regional hub of Sheppparton.

New South Wales, which includes Sydney, recorded 825 new cases on Saturday, the highest number of new cases reported since the pandemic began.

David Elliott, the police commissioner for the state of New South Wales, which includes Sydney, stated on Friday that anyone who joins the protest on Saturday would be subjected to “the full force” of the state’s police force.

Long-term-care employees and state employees working in hospitals will be required to have at least one dose of the vaccine starting on September 27, according to Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont. All other state employees, including teachers, will be required to be vaccinated or undergo regular testing.

It is claimed that the Culver City Unified School District, a tiny school district in Los Angeles County, is the first in the state – and maybe the nation – to mandate children aged 12 and older to be immunized against the flu.


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