Magnesium is a perplexing vitamin

Because of the difficulty of maintaining a balanced diet, it is commonplace for individuals to take supplements to ensure their bodies get the nutrients they need. While supplements might help correct specific significant vitamin deficits, they may also cause complications. Magnesium is a perplexing vitamin because this supplement is involved in an array of body activities. It may be harmful to have too little or too much magnesium in your system, so achieving the optimal balance is critical. Continue reading to learn about some unexpected adverse effects of magnesium supplements, as reported by dietitians, and for more information on eating healthy, be sure to check out 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now. Magnesium, as an electrolyte, interacts with sodium levels in the body, resulting in some significant effects. Gastric motility refers to the flow of food from the mouth to the intestines; hence, supplementing with magnesium may speed up digestion to the point of experiencing loose bowel movements. If you are taking drugs, antibiotics, Wirtz advises against taking magnesium supplements since they may interact with the medicine. According to 2019 research, magnesium may impair the absorption of some medications, reducing their effectiveness. To be cautious, you may always supplement your diet with magnesium-rich foods.
Surprising Side Effects of Taking Magnesium Supplements, Say, Dietitians.

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