Progressive to the New Administration

Neera Tanden nominated the OMB candidate. She’s a prolific tweeter who has lifted both right-winger and left-winger hackles. She has deleted 1,000 tweets since November, reports Daily Beast. T and is American Progress Center chief, a liberal think tank. She is also the candidate to run the Management and Budget Office, a Cabinet-level post likely to require Senate confirmation. GOP has no leg to stand on she’s mean on Twitter” rap, considering the tone of the president.

Sally Kohn: Sander Tanden’s remarks on President Trump scandalize GOP. She says GOP has passed Trump’s Twitter-abusing nominations, including Ric Grenell. Kohn says it’s rich hearing some of Twitter’s most pugilistic people complain about Tandan’s tweets. She asks: Who’s the higher standard? Kohn, who supports Bernie Sanders, says Tandin’s messages aren’t as egregious or provocative as the president’s.
Sally Kohn: The prolific, divisive social media presence of Amy Tanden complicates her confirmation. She says it poses an interesting question: how do we want people to act online who are politically active and passionate? She says the response is “imperfectly, within acceptable limits,” Kohn says anyone on Twitter trolling and abusive might be the kind of person we want in power positions. She adds that as president, Joe Biden can choose his team — as long as they are eligible for the job. Why make this an issue?

Neera Tanden is being treated unfairly.

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