Microplastics are now able to be found in nearly every environment on the planet

Microplastics are now able to be found in nearly every #environment on the planet, but scientists know surprisingly little about how precisely the products we use every single day shed these tiny plastic particles.

If you drink from a plastic #water bottle or eat out of a microwaveable container today, there is a high probability that you are using polypropylene. Polypropylene is thought to be safe and ideal for several different applications – which is why Oahu is the most widely used plastic in preparing food.

Another place you would expect to find polypropylene is in baby feeding bottles. We generally assume that these plastic bottles are rigid and stable when sterilized with hot water and shaken while preparing formula.

However, in new research, we have shown that baby formula preparation with polypropylene bottles exposes infants worldwide to an average of just one million microplastic particles each day.

This is undoubtedly an astoundingly massive increase on previous estimates. Earlier studies had suggested that #adults and #children within the US were subjected to between 74,000 and 211,000 particles over an entire year, through the meals they eat, the water they drink, while the air they breathe.

Babies May Consume a Million Microplastic Particles Each Day From Bottles, Study Finds.https://www.sciencealert.com/babies-may-consume-millions-of-microplastic-particles-daily-from-bottles-study-finds

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