Variations of Meditation Based on Beliefs

While nearly all people would agree that meditation is a mental practice, the objectives of various people and different religions vary.

In this post, we will discuss the differences among
major religions concerning the right way they view the practice of meditation.


  • this religion probably has the oldest texts that contend with meditation. While there are several types of
    meditation in Hinduism, they can often emphasize achieving a calm mindset.

This is one of the many more popular perceptions of meditation.


  • founded by Buddha in 500 BC, these religions adopt
    meditation is that which aims to attain enlightenment identical to its founder.


  • this religion treats meditation being a prayer. Thus
    practices such as praying the rosary might be considered as meditation inside the Christian world.

Another method of meditation practiced by Christians is simply by pondering on the specific religious passage. It provides a striking difference.

Eastern religions since Christian meditation involves a consistent mind while the opposite is true for Eastern


  • precisely what is known as Jewish meditation truly is several practices that comprise practices such
    as contemplation, visualization, analysis and gaining
    intuitive insights.


  • while most religions practice meditation while remaining still, Taoism needs a physically active tackle this. It is often evident within the practice of Tai chi chuan wherein practitioners do what is called ‘meditation in motion.’

While you see, there are fundamental differences among religions regarding how they approach meditation. However, a frequent thread that
keeps them together is the fact that they treat meditation being a mental practice.

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