Do you think protein bars are good for you? Reconsider

Chocolate is the leading ingredient in almost 40 percent of protein bars, with most as well being loaded with excess weight and containing added sugar and salt, according to a new report by Safefood.

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The research also noted that 37 per cents of persons believed protein bars were “healthy” with in Ipsos MRBI survey of double,000 people in 2018.
However, the studies remarked that when contrasting current protein intakes among adults with exactly what is recommended, both females and males are fully consuming more protein than meets the necessary needs from your diet. The studies evaluated the nutritional content of 83 high-protein snack foods and drinks intended for sale in supermarkets on the island of Ireland. These kinds of foods included protein bars, yoghurts, yoghurt-style products and milk drinks.

According to industry sources, there really was a 498 percent growth in products launched between 2010 and 2016 by using a high-protein claim.
Safefood director of physical health and nutrition Dr Catherine Conlon said the majority of bars have calorie contents clone of the a bar of chocolate.

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