Were you aware that diabetes tied to increased chance of hidden spinal fractures?

Individuals with adult-onset diabetes are more likely than others to formulate spinal fractures that often have no obvious symptoms yet are tied to increased risk of future broken bones, an exploration review suggests.

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. on Pexels.com

The analysis focused on so-called vertebral fractures, otherwise known as fractures of a compression nature, that happen when bones within the spine weaken and crumple, often inside the lower back. These fractures might be attributable to injuries or by osteoporosis and may have few symptoms, and they will definitely lead to problems like severe chronic pain or reduced height.

This study included data from 15 prior studies by using a total of 852,702 ladies and men. Overall, people with type 2 diabetes were 35 percent more likely than those without using the disease to acquire vertebral fractures, the analysis found.

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