Could B vitamins improve schizophrenia symptoms?

Researchers have not come up with a cure for schizophrenia, the average treatment preferences accessible concentrate on eradicating the warning sign. A new, large-scale assessment of current research proposes that B vitamins can decrease warning sign of schizophrenia.

New research indicated that vitamin B supplements could reduce symptoms of schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia has emotional impact on 1 percent of the population internationally. Most of those touched are males.

The incapacitating mental health condition consists of harsh symptoms such as illusions and false impression, on the other hand also cognitive dysfunction and disconcerted body actions. In addition, so-called negative symptoms extend from not taking enjoyment in everyday events anymore, to moderated talking, condensed emotional manifestation, and the incapacity to participate in activities.

Available treatment options focus on eliminating the symptoms rather than the disease, as what causes the condition remains unknown. Antipsychotics, jointly with psychosocial treatments, are frequently recommended to schizophrenia patients.

Antipsychotic drugs seem to be operative in the first few months of treatment, but long-term results appear to be meager. Approximately 80 percent of patients go through a setback of warning signs such as hallucinations and delusional reasoning.

A new – and first of its kind – meta-analysis of current study proposes that in addition to these typical treatments, an elevated dose of B vitamins may be more useful in decreasing schizophrenia symptoms than conventional treatments.

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