Watch for Tick, they spread disease

Sometimes, particularly harsh winter will put a dent in Minnesota’s deer tick population. Think about it as nature’s way of rewarding humanity after a long, cold winter. Only deer ticks transmit Lyme disease.

Cold weather only kills ticks if they are confronted with the frigid air.

Ticks were insulated under a thick blanket of snow this winter, and so the bitter cold did not reach them.

The Health Department urges individuals who spend some time in brushy or wooded areas to safeguard themselves from ticks through the use of repellents which contain DEET, the same ingredient that wards off mosquitoes.

Much more useful are products that contain permethrin. However, Regular tick checks will also be recommended. One tip for locating the tiny deer ticks is always to step into the sunlight and look for reflections away from their backs.

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