Why did MyPillow Lays Off 150 Workers After Praising Trump’s Tax Cuts, ‘Booming Economy’?

MyPillow, mostly of the remaining marketers regularly featured on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, is laying off more than 100 employees not even a year after the company’s founder praised President Donald Trump for creating a “booming economy. ”

In a statement to HuffPost, Mike Lindell, inventor and CEO of MyPillow, told us via email that he’s in the process of launching an “ online store for entrepreneurs and inventors to sell their products. ”

Lindell said that while he values “ every single one of my workers, ” “ this is specifically what is best at this time for future years of MyPillow and also to prepare for the start associated with MyStore. com. ”

This particular move from Lindell arrives significantly less than a year following a 06 2018 op-ed he composed for the Duluth News-Tribune in which he celebrated Trump’s financial plans in a bit titled, “Rest easy, Minnesota; Trump is usually successful for us. ”

The spokesperson for Lindell informed HuffPost via e-mail that “the layoffs have nothing to do with what he talked about in that op-ed. ”

MyPillow often advertises on Fox News and has done so a whopping 1, 100 occasions since Jan. 1 . As reporter Jordan Uhl notes, that’s “ more than almost every other advertiser, including ramping up advertisements on costly primetime shows that saw advertisers leave due to rhetoric. ”

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