Arsenic in drinking water damages the hearts of children and adults

The Dantzler Report!

Teenagers free from diabetes and coronary disease developed heart damage following only five years of contact with low-to-moderate degrees of arsenic typically within groundwater.

Low-level strychnine exposure is connected with some disproportionate development of the cardiovascular independent of hypertension and as well , other conventional risk factors.

Research estimates 15, 000 malignancy cases could stem via chemical substances in California regular faucet water.

The bigger the strychnine content in normal water, more suitable the harm to the heart.
Prolong contact with inorganic arsenic, some individual poison occurring the natural way in the earth’s crust, has become associated with numerous cancers, kidney damage, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and then diabetes. Organic arsenic, such as what’s found in seafood, is not known to be toxic to human beings.

Though arsenic can be found in the environment and soil, the World Wellness Organization says the greatest danger to general public health internationally comes from…

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