Black Jewish Voices Are At last Being Noticed. So Is The Hurtful Repercussion.

Seeing that Jews of Color benefit from additional presence and representation inside the Jewish community and beyond, we are pressing the limitations of Jewish interactions on inclusion, ethnic background, and governmental policies. Many people inside the Jewish community begin to see the worth of our efforts. But we are likewise faced with a hurtful repercussion.

The challenging facets of Jews of Color’s identities are in reality display of the effectiveness of the faith and impression of community. The decision showing how all of us build relationships in Jewish spiritual life is an individual one, and not the business of any person but the Rabbis and the ones we are in close association.

Having ones Jewishness inhibited based on ones ethnic background is nothing unique with respect to Jewish Persons of Color. It could possibly appear wherever and become something as apparently innocent like a question, or as hazardous as calling the authorities and instigating mob violence of any kind.

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