Colonel Harland Sanders, “Kentucky Fried Chicken”, 14th cousin 5x removed


Colonel Harland Sanders, the man who made Kentucky Fried Chicken famous, is my 14th cousin 5x removed. The ancestor who connect is Sir Ralph Neville (1364 – 1425), my 13th great grandfather.

“Colonel” Harland Sanders – (1890 – 1980)
14th cousin 5x removed
Margaret Ann Dunlevy (1865 – 1935)
Mother of “Colonel” Harland Sanders –
Catherine Clegg (1837 – 1890)
Mother of Margaret Ann Dunlevy
Martha C. Allen (1818 – )
Mother of Catherine Clegg
James Allen (1793 – 1852)
Father of Martha C. Allen
Heber Allen II (1769 – 1849)
Father of James Allen
Heber Allen (1743 – 1782)
Father of Heber Allen II
Joseph Allen (1708 – 1755)
Father of Heber Allen
Samuel Allen
Father of Joseph Allen
Josiah Leonard (1680 – 1747)
Father of Samuel Allen
Josiah Leonard (1658 – 1688)
Father of Josiah Leonard
John Leonard (1615 – 1676)
Father of Josiah Leonard
Thomas Leonard (1577 – 1638)
Father of John Leonard
Margaret Fiennes (1540 – 1564)
Mother of Thomas Leonard
Mary Neville (1520 – 1576)
Mother of Margaret Fiennes
Mary Stafford (1495 – 1545)
Mother of Mary Neville
Edward Stafford , 3rd Duke of Buckingham (1478 – 1521)
Father of Mary Stafford
Henry Stafford, Duke (1454 – 1483)
Father of Edward Stafford , 3rd Duke of Buckingham
Humphrey II Henry “Earl of Stafford” Stafford (1424 – 1471)
Father of Henry Stafford, Duke
Anne De Neville Lady (1411 – 1480)
Mother of Humphrey II Henry “Earl of Stafford” Stafford
Sir Ralph de Neville of Raby, Earl of Westmorland (1364 – 1425)
Father of Anne De Neville Lady
Colonel Harland David Sanders was an American businessman, known for founding fast food chicken restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken and later acting as the company’s brand ambassador and symbol. His name and image are still symbols of the company.

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