Advocacy is Fundamental to Reform Judaism

Social justice is a vital factor of Reform Judaism. The Reform Jew need to hear the spoken word pertaining to the prophets within our mind; to become interested in the continual services of tikkun olam; to make an attempt to enhance the world for which we all live. A Reform Jew is one who is God’s partners in taking a stand when it comes to voiceless and taking care of what is shattered in our culture.

Reform Jews are pushed by an extreme amount of concerns, every single one fundamental to Jewish awareness of the prophetic communication of Jewish faith and imperative to producing the kind of environment all people prefer to bequeath to individuals who follow us. Reform Jews are also presented by those who maintain to communicate in the identity of religious beliefs nonetheless who offer a distinctive interpretation of what God desires of for all people and uphold family values. There are some who do not respect human rights or personal independence, and who have little regard concerning Constitutional ideals.

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