New Restraints under latest Trump orders for asylum seekers

Customs and Border Protection agents with migrants hoping to apply for asylum at the border between Mexico and the United States. Credit Credit Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters

President Trump on Monday requested new restrictions on asylum investors at the Mexican border — adding application fees and work permission restraints — and directed that claims in the currently clogged immigration courts be settled within six months.

Kevin McAleenan received a memo; the president took other measures to reshape the asylum laws, which usually is determined by Congress.

These constraints will not become effective immediately. Mr. Trump gave administration officials three months to draw up regulations that would carry out his orders. These policies would be a significant change in the Trump administration that would be considered severe.

The administration tried to limit the number of migrants who can apply for asylum daily, who is eligible for asylum and where they should wait for a resolution — immigration regulations that have been the main topic of numerous federal government court cases.

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