As an adult you may need one more measles vaccine


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The measles outbreak has hit people staying in 22 states, including California, where students at two Los Angeles colleges are coping with quarantines.

Now doctors are stating that if perhaps the individual was born between 1957 and 1989, the vaccination the individual had might not guarantee protection against the measles.

Dr. Daniel Lichtmann, a pediatrician with Scripps, told NBC7 most people age 62 and older are immune since they already had the measles. 1957 was the entire year when doctors in the U.S. began immunizing children with an individual measles vaccine. It was not until 1989 that doctors realized getting two shots associated with the vaccine provided a more powerful immunity.

The thing is, most adults do not have their vaccination records. For them, Lichtmann recommends they either get a blood test to check on for immunity or get another shot associated with the vaccine.

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