Do you see the pattern?


I wonder how far will this administration go to discredit the former President. With a cloud of destruction over it’s head. There is a storm coming and God know where the winds are going to blow. I try to be objective, but when you have the true person acting out it is hard to do. The actions and the facts speak for themselves.

CNN reported that Media coverage of the President’s charges that Obama did little to halt Russian meddling meanwhile tend to obscure the fact that the current President has so far done little to defend the US electoral system. Trump tries to shift hacking focus to Obama 04:48 Still, it is not clear whether Trump’s targeting of Obama, consistent with his political strategy of seeking an enemy, will have lasting rewards. Obama on Senate bill: It’s ‘not a health care bill’ It can’t do much to dispel the biggest cloud over his administration: Eventually, special counsel Robert Mueller will decide if Trump or his campaign aides have a case to answer on their alleged links with Russia, or whether the President obstructed justice in his firing of FBI Director James Comey. And more immediately, the President will likely have to answer more comprehensively how he plans to protect future elections from interference. Spicer could only cite a cybersecurity executive order and a commission on voter fraud Monday, when asked how Trump has responded to allegations of Russian meddling so far.


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