Who will show up? Who will pay? The many unknowns of the GOP convention

The Dantzler Report!


A large number of well-known Republicans aren’t turning up. There’s no word yet on who will speak. A growing number of corporate sponsors are taking a pass. Groups of white supremacists and other agitators are in route, even though the official protest routes are frantically being redrawn after being thrown out in court. After which there’s the battle to dethrone the big star.

With significantly less than three weeks to go, Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland is poised to be the most chaotic GOP gathering regarding the modern era.

The candidate, his family and close supporters are anticipated to play starring roles. So will most top congressional leaders. But the majority of Republicans who want to distance themselves from Trump’s incendiary rhetoric are refusing to attend. Past corporate sponsors such as for instance Ford, General Electric and JP Morgan Chase have declined to participate again.

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