Donald Trump Is a Candidate for White Supremacists — Not the Jews

Interesting article on Trump and the Jewish people

The Dantzler Report!

trump-hands-headIn response, to this article: The truth will prevail. You can not cheat justice. It will find you out soon or later.

I’ll say it plainly: The high-profile Jews supporting Donald Trump make me sick. This is simply not about Democratic and Republican politics; I’ve certainly never said the same thing about supporters of (any) Bush. It’s about white supremacy.

Let’s take “white supremacy” out from the realm of insult. It is an ideology, all things considered, not simply a slur, and it is believed by tens of millions of Americans. It’s the proposition that the true (“great”) America is white America, and whilst the “melting pot” can absorb some blacks, Asians and Latinos, the essential core of what America is remains the Christian, European iteration that prevailed for 200 years. It is English-speaking, Merry-Christmas-wishing, and ruled by “real” American men, not by women or people who have the middle…

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