The media have obtained a turning point in covering Donald Trump. He will possibly not survive it.

Trump in the news

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trump-hands-headRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump warned reporters May 31, “I will continue to attack the press.” He slammed parts of society at large as “dishonest” on a news conference about donations he raised for veterans’ groups at Trump Tower in New York city.

The news media have learned in for a large amount of criticism in terms they’ve reported this election, that makes it very similar to most other election. But something could possibly have changed just in the past few days. I seem to not a clue how meaningful it definitely change into or how much time it will last.
But it’s fairly likely that when we recall in the sweep with this most unusual campaign, we’ll mark today as a significant turning point: the amount of time when journalists finally found out learn how to cover Donald Trump.
They didn’t do it by creating some hyped model of…

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