Donald Trump Points Out Black Rally Attendee, Tells Crowd To ‘Look Within African-American’

Interesting choice of words….

The Dantzler Report!

Donald Trump singled out a black supporter for a rally Friday, telling the group to “look his African-American.”

Speaking at an event in Redding, California, Trump condemned the violent protests that had broken out after his campaign rally in San Jose the night before and called the protesters “thugs.” Trump claimed he always tells his supporters to “be very gentle” with demonstrators — despite having frequently encouraged violence at his campaign events.
Trump then started a story about a rally in Tucson, Arizona, the place where a black Trump supporter punched a protester wearing a KKK hood.
“We experienced a case where we had an African-American guy who was a big fan of mine. Great fan. Great guy. The truth is I wish to get to know what’s happening with him,” Trump said, before pointing to a man inside the crowd. “Look at my African-American over here. Examine him. Are you…

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