Why the new Trump University documents give Democrats exactly the weapon meets the necessary needs

Trump U in the news

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trump-hands-headThreemonthsago, MarcoRubiotriedtoutilizestoryofTrumpUniversitytotrimdowndownhisprimaryrival. “He’shopingtogivetotheAmericanpeoplewhathedidtothoseinthisparticularcourse,” Rubiosaidwithinadebate, settingabouttoturnhowitisintoyourmetaphorforthecompleteTrumpcandidacy. “He’sattemptingtoconpeopleintogivinghimtheirvoteidenticaltoheconnedthesepeopleintogivinghimtheirmoney.” Butasyoucanpossiblyrecall, itdidn’tworkTrumpkeptrolling, rightoverRubioandrighttotheRepublicannomination.
Howeverasyoureadthis, there’sprobablyafocusgroupinprogresssomewhere, inwhichundecidedvotersareshowndocumentsfromtheoriginialandTrumpUniversitylawsuitandprizedtheirreactionwhileDemocraticpollstersandmediaconsultantswatch

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