Trumps take advantage of 911 money for small businesses

Trump take money from small business

The Dantzler Report!

CLAIM: Donald Trump improperly received $150,000 in federal aid earmarked for small enterprises damaged through 9/11 attacks, even though his business was neither small nor damaged among the list of attacks.

WHAT’S TRUE: Company owned or operated by Donald Trump was entitled to $150,000 in federal aid to businesses affected with all the 9/11 attacks.
WHAT IS FALSE: The grant money was not specifically earmarked for smaller businesses nor was it improperly accessed by Trump. Trump’s businesses failed to lie or mislead federal agencies to in order to qualify underneath the respect of programs, which did not require businesses to get sustained physical harm to remain eligible to get the funds. Trump’s business also was not the greatest large firm to qualify under criteria used by the agency tasked with distributing the grant money.
ORIGIN:In late May 2016 a variety of sites published articles reporting that presumptive Republican…

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