Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark, 14th cousin 2x removed

Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark is my 14th cousin 2x removed. The ancestor that both of us are connect to is Sir Ralph De Neville Sir, of Raby, Earl of Westmorland (1364 - 1425), my 13th great grandfather. Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark  was born on 22 January 1872 and died on 8... Continue Reading →

People don’t realize that racist images hurt others, BBC host Danny Baker fired after comparing royal baby Archie to a chimp

Among Britain’s best-known broadcasters has been fired by the BBC on Thursday for a tweet this individual wrote comparing the brand new royal baby to a chimp. Danny Baker, 61, tweeted out a picture of a chimp within a suit holding fingers with a smartly dressed few, writing, “Royal baby simply leaves hospital.” It caused... Continue Reading →

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, 12th cousin 1x removed

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill is my 12 cousin 1x removed. The ancestor that we share that connects us is Ann Tanfield (1516-1548), my 10th great grandmother. When Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on November 30, 1874, his father, Lord, was 25 and his mother, Jeanette, was 20. He married Baroness Clementine Ogilvy Hozier... Continue Reading →

Henry Tudor VIII, King of England, 3rd cousin 11x removed

King Henry Tudor VIII, is my 3rd cousin 11x removed. The ancestor whom we share is Sir Ralph de Neville, of Raby Earl of Westmorland (1364 - 1425), my 13 great grandfather, but King Henry's 3 great grand parent. The genealogical chart that shows the ancestor that connects us: Henry VIII Tudor (1491 - 1547) 3rd... Continue Reading →

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