Did you know that Jackson pushes back at GOP critics, defends judicial record?

Brown, Ketanji Jackson vehemently defended her record as a judge Tuesday, rebutting Republican charges that she was soft on crime and stating that if confirmed as the first black woman on the Supreme Court, she would rule as an “independent jurist.”

Republicans aggressively questioned Jackson during a marathon hearing that lasted into the night about the sentences she handed down to sex offenders during her nine years as a federal judge, her advocacy on behalf of terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, her views on critical race theory, and even her religious beliefs. In February, President Joe Biden appointed Jackson to the Supreme Court, completing a campaign commitment to nominate a black woman to the court for the first time in American history. Cruz pressed Jackson on her sentencing for child pornographers, bringing up a giant poster board and marking passages he believed were heinous. 

The White House has rejected the criticism as “toxic and weakly presented misinformation.” And sentencing expert Douglas Berman, an Ohio State law professor, noted on his blog that although Jackson’s record indicates she is suspicious of the range of prison sentences proposed in child pornography cases, “so were prosecutors in the majority of her cases and district judges nationally.” Jackson said that the notion does not arise in her job as a judge and “would not be anything I would depend on” if approved. Jackson’s answers bypassed a key point: the court weighs whether to overrule those cases that affirm a nationwide right to abortion.


Jackson pushes back at GOP critics, defends judicial record. https://apnews.com/article/ketanji-brown-jackson-hearing-day-2-live-updates-219ce62acd87ca205163781f5b6623a0?fbclid=IwAR3L5e1TdHHui49NkKb_LwHfhgscFcptsRgqGb9DmXc9Jqr7FA-BPYh1DkQ

2 thoughts on “Did you know that Jackson pushes back at GOP critics, defends judicial record?”

  1. Respectfully. I am elated that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is the historic Honorable Supreme Court Judge of the United States of America (USA) 4/2022. Your Honorable Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is the righteous Professional Humanitarian for this Supreme Courts in America , now 2022.
    It behaves every individual in America 🙏 for more humanity in “human services “, contact, comment, and question the Honorable Supreme Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, respectfully, timely, and appropriately with your specific needs in Judge Jackson’s descriptive position, continually. I strongly believe that you shall receive a respectful response in a timely manner.
    Respectfully Submitted in “for real for real” Support of The Honorable Supreme Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.
    Praises be to God and my personal appreciation to every individual USA Congressional Legislator who bravely stood in the stead of a Professional Humanitarian Supporter of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson . Respectfully my appreciation to Our USA President Joe Biden for following through in his nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as 2022 Supreme Court Judge. Also grace to our USA Vice President Kamala-Harris-Approval of Honorable Supreme Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.
    Respectfully Submitted
    Gloria J Hunt KEITH, publisher/editor/founder/parent educator 👩‍🏫


    1. Thanks for your comment; I agree that this is a historic appointment. It is time that African American women assume their proper position in the legal system since many African Americans’ voices are suppressed because of those of the dominant culture.


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